Season auditions for 2019/2020

We will be holding season auditions Monday, June 24, 2019 from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. Performances vary per production however, generally they run Friday and Saturday evenings, with matinees at 2 p.m. on Sundays. There also will be one Sunday or Monday evening “Industry Night” performance at SRT (Dates TBD)


Produced in association with Oceanside Theatre Company

September 6 – October 6, 2019 (SRT) October 11 – 27, 2019 (OTC)
By Susan Cooper and Hume Cronyn
Directed by Ted Leib


Annie Nations, an indomitable Appalachian widow of 79 lives on her mountain farm with the acerbic ghost of her husband Hector. Her tranquility is threatened by a brash real estate developer who wants to turn her land into a vacation resort and by her concern over her son, Dillard, a country singer who has come back home because his wife has run away. Annie’s struggle to decide her future takes her through some funny, touching and magical flashbacks to her life with Hector.

(Please note: The roles of ANNIE NATIONS and HECTOR NATIONS have been cast)

DILLARD NATIONS (M) (30-45): Annie and Hector’s son, a traveling country singer and musician. Note: This role requires the ability to sing and play guitar competently. For the season audition, please bring a guitar and be prepared to sing 1-minute piece in bluegrass/country style as well as 1-minute monologue.

PRINCE CARPENTER (M) (30-50): A real estate man wanting to buy Annie’s farm.

HOLLY BURRELL (F) (25-45): A teacher and friend of the Nations family.

DOCTOR (40+): The family doctor who delivered Dillard.

And Neither Have I Wings to Fly

November 8 – December 8. 2019
By Ann Noble
Directed by Jacquelyn Ritz

Ireland, 1950’s. Following the death of her mother, Miss Eveline Donnelly abandons her dream of university; it’s her duty to stay with her grieving father. Miss Kathleen Donnelly, however, set to marry the bookish Leo Doyle, embarks instead on a romance with a roguish summer-stock thespian. Enter Leo’s brother Charlie, a drifter who finds himself inexplicably attracted to the sensible Eveline. And the late Mrs. Donnelly? She will not leave the family she loves until everything is in order.
Rehearsals begin early October, Tuesday through Sunday, weeknights and weekend afternoons. Subject to change.

*Irish dialect required.

LEO DOYLE (M) (20-30): a sweet young man; kind, honest

EVELINE DONNELLY (F) (25-30): the dutiful daughter; intelligent, compassionate, surprisingly passionate.

KATHLEEN DONNELLY (F): Eveline’s younger sister; a magnificent young creature, vivacious.

PETER DONNELLEY (M) (45-60): father; imbibes, aimless after the loss of his wife, great Irish storyteller.

FREDDY MALONE (M) (25-35): a dashing man; playing Hamlet with a touring troupe.

MOIRA DONNELLY (F) (45-55): beloved mother ghost; a spirit of love, joy, strength and beauty.

CHARLIE DOYLE (M) (late 20’s-30’s): Leo’s brother; a drifter with a chip on his shoulder, searching.

Italian American Reconciliation

January 17 – February 16, 2020
By John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Charles Peters

Huey Bonfigliano, newly divorced but anxious to woo his wife (Janice) one more time, enlists the aid of his buddy Aldo Scalicki. Huey’s new girlfriend (Teresa) finds out and reacts with righteous indignation. She seeks advice from her Aunt May. And perhaps it all works out in the end.


ALDO (M) (30’s): intense

HUEY(M) (30’s): poetic and vulnerable – unsure of his ability to love

AUNT MAY (F) (middle aged): handsome and wise

TERESA (F) (20’s): striking, usually placid but flares up when angered

JANICE (F) (30’s): austere at times and emotional at other times

Love Song

March 27 – April 26, 2020
By John Kolvenbach
Directed by Kevin Hafso-Koppman

Beane is an oddball and remains a mystery to his sister (Joan) and brother-in-law (Harry) in spite of their efforts to get through to him. Following a burglary he inexplicably seems to have fallen in love with Molly a mysterious match. Harry and Joan work to understand this sudden change in Beane and his new relationship.


BEANE (M) (20s-40s): an exile from life, an oddball

JOAN (F) (Late 20’s-40): Beane’s well meaning sister

HARRY/WAITER (M) (30s-40s): Joan’s husband

MOLLY (F) (20-40): Beane’s fascinating girlfriend

I Hate Hamlet

May 29 – June 28, 2020
By Paul Rudnick
Directed by Phil Johnson

Andrew’s hit TV series has been cancelled, and he moves to NYC for a change, into an amazing apartment that once belonged to John Barrymore, star and Shakespearean actor. His agent presses him to take a Shakespearean role, but Andrew is beyond reluctant. In a twist, the ghost of Barrymore is summoned. Deirdre, his romance-loving girlfriend, seems inclined to remain a virgin until she learns he might play Hamlet. Andrew will do anything to avoid the role, but Barrymore will have the last word. A Manhattan real estate agent and a deal making L.A. friend round out the comedy. A love letter to those who love the theatre and the people around it. Sometimes the difficult things are what makes life worthwhile.

Looking for terrific comedic actors.

Rehearsals begin in April. Subject to change. There will be an additional Thursday night performance – date TBD.

(Please note: The role of Lillian has been cast)

BARRYMORE (M) (45-65): The one and only: he is dramatic, handsome, perhaps at a disadvantage over all the years of drinking. He dresses
as he would have to play Hamlet in a tunic and tights. A swashbuckling, sexual, larger than life figure.

ANDREW RALLY (M) (late 20’s early 30’s): An actor. Young, handsome and charming, the polished ease of a TV star. Definitely has an ego, he is accustomed to being the center of attention.

FELICIA DANTINE (F) (30-60): New York real estate agent, with a passion for it. This is a real ‘character’ role. Possibly flamboyant, outspoken, New York accent, very much herself.

DEIRDRE MCDAVEY (F) (20’s): Andrew’s girlfriend. Irresistible and appealing. She is ‘the breathless soul of romantic enthusiasm’. Always
on the verge of swooning, ‘a valley girl imagining herself a Bronte heroine’. In love with Shakespearean theatre.

GARY LEFKOWITZ (M) (25-45): A young Hollywood producer. Dresses expensively, but doesn’t exactly have the intellect to back it up. Very happy, an overgrown child, appealing, the deal is everything to him.


Monday, June 24, 2019, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Legler Benbough Theatre (SRT) on Alliant International University Campus, 9783 Avenue of Nations (Off Pomerado Road in Scripps Ranch)

Please email your headshot and résumé and the specific role(s) you are interested in to: You will be contacted with an audition time. Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to submit.

Actors have 2 minutes to audition. Please prepare one 2-minute monologue, or 2 contrasting ones, or a monologue and 16-32 bars a cappella song.

Varies per production.

Questions should be directed via e-mail to SRT’s Audition Coordinator, Cristyn Chandler, at


For further information about SRT, and for directions, go to