Scripps Ranch Theatre’s 5th Annual

“Out On A Limb: New Plays from America’s Finest City”

Scripps Ranch Theatre’s “Out On A Limb: New Plays from America’s Finest City,” is designed to create and stage new plays that spring from the stories of San Diego and its people. The program will strive to develop and produce new work that will engage playwrights and theater artists in Southern California and beyond. It is our intention to celebrate the diversity that thrives in the various neighborhoods of San Diego, to entertain, educate, and expand the horizons of our patrons and develop new audiences, and to contribute to the cultural and economic growth of our community.

For July 2016, our 5th year, we’re doing things a bit differently. For the first time we’ll be producing two full-length plays that started out as OoaL one-acts. Those plays are On Air by Lisa Kirazian (2012), and September and her Sisters by Jennifer Lane (2015). These plays are being given an opportunity that is highly desired by playwrights – to work, receive feedback and readings, and then have a full production mounted.

Therefore, the OoaL submission for our fifth season will be asking for 10 minute plays to serve as curtain raisers for the full-length plays. We may pick one, we may pick several. The only requirement, as with all OoaL plays, is that your play has something to do with San Diego. If picked, SRT may require that the play receive feedback, readings, and rewrites to help create the best 10 minute play possible.

A small honorarium will be paid to each playwright that has their play produced by SRT.

The deadline for sending in your 10 minute play is December 21, 2015.

Rules for 10 minute OoaL plays:

  1. The play MUST have something to do with San Diego.
  2. Play must be created in Arial 12pt font
  3. There is no submission fee
  4. When completed, the fully realized play must be a brand new play no longer than 10 minutes, with a maximum cast size of four. The setting(s) MUST be simple or ‘suggested.’
  5. If you have already written a play that is derived from an idea that has something to do with San Diego and it has been produced, it is not eligible for this program.
  6. You must meet certain deadlines for your work in order to achieve the goal of producing the play and to receive your honorarium.
  7. Submissions must be sent electronically. Please email submissions to: newplays@scrippsranchtheatre.org.
  8. You may submit multiple plays for consideration, as long as they follow these guidelines.

Plays will be chosen by February 1, 2016. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact OoaL Producing Artistic Director, Robert May at: newplays@scrippsranchtheatre.org.

So, off you go! Email your 10 minute plays to: newplays@scrippsranchtheatre.org